So much for this place… ?

Its been quite a while since I first posted here (and haven’t since :/ ) But let’s see if I can keep it going 😛 So here’s a short story I wrote for my English teacher this past school year. Style based on Ernest Hemingway’s writing.

An Outside Choice

The rain rolled down the window in fat drops while the impatient girl looked out. The water rushed through the streets of the city, flooding the gutters. The wind changed direction randomly, and the rain changed with it.
A few men and women outside fled quickly from the downpour wearing long jackets and umbrellas in hand. All were running from the wet. Farther down the long street was a man who crashed his car into a pole. He pulled out a phone while still in the driver’s seat. The people in the café next to the prestigious prep school looked outside sullenly, either at the torrential skies or the accident.

The girl traced her finger down the classroom window, following a drop. The other children in the class paid attention to the droning teacher, but the girl kept staring out. She rolled up her sleeves and smoothed her skirt. She didn’t listen to the teacher today, she was ready.
The bell rang and students filed out of the classrooms, fastening hoods, flipping up jacket collars, and all with their umbrellas in tow. She followed them out into the hall, listening to the muffled footsteps of the other children’s boots and goulashes.

Out front, the umbrella-toting masses of children dashed over to their parents’ cars. Beatrice watched as one of the youngest children slipped and fell. She stood back up and continued on her way, but left her umbrella on the ground. The last glimpse of her muddy pant leg and sock disappearing into the car made Beatrice smile. She liked that young girl.
Beatrice took two steps out from under the awning of the prep school and lifted her chin. She liked the way that the rain hit her, how the winds tore at her hair and clothes. She liked the transformation that occurred: dry to wet. Being a part of it made her feel like the opposite was worth it.
Now drenched, her smile became a grin of pure joy. She had left her shoes inside.


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